Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Knitting, Knitting and Spinning

Two kinds of knitting today. I did it! Can't knit all the stuff I want fast enough so I've started a Machine Knitting Class. First day Karalyn had us on a machine knitting a water bottle sleeve.
This took about thirty minutes including the hand finishing (sewing up the side seam and weaving in ends.) I'm sure it would have been a third that time if I'd known what I was doing! Even the I-cord was machine made in about 20 seconds! It may be noisy but I can wear ear plugs for the short time it takes to knit something.

Now does anyone know someone that wants to sell an old knitting machine? That's the catch! You just can't walk into a store and buy a new machine. (I'm advised to stay away from the cheap ones you can still buy.) The hunt is on - even though I don't know anything about choosing a good versus junky one.

I'm back to working on my Mystery Stole 3. No pictures, it doesn't look much different than when I posted a picture back in July or August. I'm just about ten rows from starting the wing. And, yes, I am going to do the wing; it looks interesting. I know I said I wasn't but time has changed my mind. If I don't care for it I'm sure I can find someone that will want it.

My current traveling sock is one of the Kaffe Fassett Colors of Regia; (I never know which is the colorway Farbe or Partie?) Farbe 4255 Partie 23636. I like these colors.

I finally finished my gray alpaca/gray romeldale fiber I've been spinning for the past six month! No pictures yet.

All that gray I've been color starved! So I grabbed the brightest fiber I could find and started spinning. Vesper
This colorway is fittingly called "Rapture."
100% BFL hand-dyed Vesper Roving by Knitterly Things.

The problem-child camera is back at Canon for repairs. After talking to them it sounds like they only really examine your camera when it comes back for a second time. First time around they just update the software - grrrr makes me so mad!

The photographer had his camera out so I coaxed him to take these pictures. And I got them away from him before he could photoshop them - that's next to impossible. Otherwise you wouldn't see them until next week sometime...

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