Monday, October 27, 2008


Sorry for the posting delay - I started reading the Twilight series and just couldn't put them down until I'd read all 4.5 books. Not sure if I want to see the movie - the Edward in my head looks nothing like the actor playing him. While, surprisingly the actress playing Bella is nearly identical to how I pictured her. I hope there will be more books in this series, I really enjoyed them.

Anyway, back to knitting. Here are my Kandy Korn Socks
Kandy Korn Socks
knit from Rock Creek Yarn's, Super Soft Sock Yarn in the Koi color.
Koi Sock Yarn

This color of yarn is no longer available but there's a very similar color here.
Purl Spiral
This was a plain 64 Stitch sock. To form the purl spiral stripes on the cuff I purled when ever the orange section of yarn was above an orange stitch in the row below.
Easy Halloween Socks, the yarn did all the designing; all I had to do was knit and purl!

Then there's my problem project: The Sofia Cowl from One-Skein Wonders.
Sofia Cowl

My end result doesn't look in the least like the original in the book or like others I see on Ravelry. I can't figure out what I did wrong. This was for a shop sample but it looks more like a turtleneck than a soft cowl. I checked and there doesn't seem to be any corrections on the publishers site. I'm working from a copy from the shop rather than the book and it looks like there's a hic-cup in the printing. I'll compare it when I go into work this week and see if that explains my odd strangler variation.

That's the end of my knitting update; if you hate vacation pictures now the times to click away.

The second half of our Trip the beginning of the month was Denver.
Denver Sky Line
Such a pretty city. This picture was taken from the Natural History Museum.

We spent a warm late afternoon in Golden
Golden, CO
They have a cute business district and a gorgeous river running through town. This is the water that's turned into Coors Beer. The whole down smells odd and we couldn't figure out what it was until we remembered how they make beer. It was the mash we were smelling, kinda similar to the smell of boiling potatoes.

While driving down to Taos we stopped in the little town of Trinidad (yeah! THAT Trinidad!! we had no idea until we were home) for lunch. Our car was stuck due to street closures so we watched and enjoyed the High School HomeComing Parade before we could get back on Hwy 25.
Trinidad, CO Homecoming Parade
It was a fun small town experience; it had that something that's missing in big city life.

We stopped in Manitou Springs and visited the Pikes Peak Cog Railway.
Manitou Springs, CO
Decided it was not a great idea to take the open railcars up a very tall mountain in a thunder storm. That's one of the problems of being older, you're way to practical.

The Rockies had their very first snow storm while we were there so, of course, we had to go see. Idaho Springs, CO
We headed west to Idaho Springs a very cute town. Most of the old buildings are still on the Main Street.
Estes Park was in full Fall Color - the most gorgeous Fall Color I've ever seen
Fall Color, Estes Park

And The Photographer was elated to find Elk to photograph.
Here is his portrait entitled"Elk Raspberry"
Elk raspberry

Friday, October 10, 2008

Taos Wool Festival

Taos Wool Festival - long view

Did you miss me? I'm just back from the Taos Wool Festival. The Photographer and I decided to jump on a plane and go to the Festival. We didn't go just to see the festival there was the added pleasure of meeting up with my Colorado Cousin.

Saturday there was the threat of stormy skies but we were lucky and the forcast rain held off until evening. The sun even tried to peak through the clouds a couple of times that morning.
Stormy skies

We saw sheep
Sheep for shearing

AlpacaAlpaca 3

and Goats
goat pairInteresting pets

but the dogs out numbered the fiber animals three to one. The Photographer suggested they change the name of the show to the Taos Wool & Dog Festival.
pair of GoldensGrand PyreenesCardigan CorgisBelgium Shepardpuppies

there were even dogs in clothes
dogs in clothes

Great people watching
outfitsoutfits 2

My only mild disappointment was that there seemed to be more finished items, especially hats, than fleece, fiber or yarn. As a knitter, spinner and very new weaver I wasn't looking for finished clothes, blankets or hats. I overheard a conversation (so I can't vouch for the truth of the statement) where it was said that they didn't get the number of vendors applying this year as they usually do, so they had to let everyone in rather than trying to get a good variety of sellers. Considering the melt down in the US and the World right now the organizers did a very good job.

I bought a couple of patterns, 5 skeins of yarn and a Shetland Fleece. More about that and the rest of our trip in my next Post.
Taos Wool Festival