Friday, October 10, 2008

Taos Wool Festival

Taos Wool Festival - long view

Did you miss me? I'm just back from the Taos Wool Festival. The Photographer and I decided to jump on a plane and go to the Festival. We didn't go just to see the festival there was the added pleasure of meeting up with my Colorado Cousin.

Saturday there was the threat of stormy skies but we were lucky and the forcast rain held off until evening. The sun even tried to peak through the clouds a couple of times that morning.
Stormy skies

We saw sheep
Sheep for shearing

AlpacaAlpaca 3

and Goats
goat pairInteresting pets

but the dogs out numbered the fiber animals three to one. The Photographer suggested they change the name of the show to the Taos Wool & Dog Festival.
pair of GoldensGrand PyreenesCardigan CorgisBelgium Shepardpuppies

there were even dogs in clothes
dogs in clothes

Great people watching
outfitsoutfits 2

My only mild disappointment was that there seemed to be more finished items, especially hats, than fleece, fiber or yarn. As a knitter, spinner and very new weaver I wasn't looking for finished clothes, blankets or hats. I overheard a conversation (so I can't vouch for the truth of the statement) where it was said that they didn't get the number of vendors applying this year as they usually do, so they had to let everyone in rather than trying to get a good variety of sellers. Considering the melt down in the US and the World right now the organizers did a very good job.

I bought a couple of patterns, 5 skeins of yarn and a Shetland Fleece. More about that and the rest of our trip in my next Post.
Taos Wool Festival

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Sheena said...

Wow, I am so jealous. Next year for sure. Ron promised we could go there on vacation. I don't need wool or yarn, but what does need have to do with it??? And I did miss you. Can't wait to get back....I am still in Kasas. Family trouble and we had to stay.