Monday, July 27, 2009

Wildlife in the City

OK - knitting stuff first...

Using my hand-dyed Superwash BFL from Yarn2Dye4 I made Evelyn Clark's Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style. Shetland Triangle
I did 11 repeats, 3 more than the pattern called for. The pattern was easy to memorize and a very quick knit. Shetland Triangle closeup Bind off loosely is an understatement. I knit this with a size 6 needle and bound off with a size 10 which still wasn't loose enough; the bind-off was too tight to get the edging points as shown in the book. Shetland Triangle edge detail
Other than that I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Before blocking it looked more like I was knitting an egg crate than lace.
Shetland Triangle pre-blocking

For living in the city we have our fair share of wildlife in the backyard. There are lizards everywhere eating every bug they can find. I had very few snails or aphids this past Spring and very little catterpiller damage on any of my greens. Yesterday while going in the back door I noticed a baby right near the back door at eye level. (for size reference the medallion is the size of a dinner plate)
baby lizard perspective

He was such a perfect minature.
baby lizard
Can you believe he just stayed there through his photo session with The Photographer never moving except for a slow, infrequent blink. Did you see those TOES!!!

And don't get me started on the blasted squirrel!!! I haven't gotten to a ripe tomato ahead of him. squirrel damage
I feeling like I'm living in a Chip and Dale Cartoon. I've started cutting tomato clusters the second I see any warming in their color.
I may not get the whole "vine-ripened taste" but I'll have some of my own tomatoes! Blasted *#@%^* Squirrels!


Sheena said...

I agree, we are trying to kill squirrels at our house. They steal eggs and make a mess of things and eat the chicken food. Ughh! I hope they don't find the garden!

Sheena said...

ps I love the shawl. I so want to do lace. I just need to get to a point where I can concentrate for more than a nano second!