Sunday, November 08, 2009

Lambtown 2009

Last month the Photographer and I headed up state to attend Lambtown in Dixon, California, west of Sacramento.

There was Sheep Judging

Strolling Alpacas
strolling alpaca 2

Penned sheep ready for dog herding trials
sheep penned for dog herding

The Fiber Show
Lambtown fiber show
The seated woman in blue is Shari McKelvy of Morro Fleece Works.

The view from the back of the building
Lambtown 2009 Fiber Hall

A rare breed of sheep (sorry I've forgotten the breed name) whose coat was like bristles. The man said there was no known use for the fiber; the Photographer throught it would be perfect for bristle paint brushes.
stiff bristle coated sheep 2
That coat is not soft at all, felt more like a hair brush!
stiff bristle coated sheep

Angora Goat - look at that FACE!! (Is that really an Angora or Mohair Goat?)
Angora Goat

Alpaca Show

I found three bags of Alpaca fleece on display near the pens. There was the most gorgeous black fleece that I coveted the moment I saw it. I went around asking who owned it until I found her; the fleece was brought for display but she was happy to sell it to me. (I walked it right over to Morro Fleece Works and saved the cost of shipping) The beautiful, super-soft fiber was from Midnight, the black boy in the center below. (That's him from the rear in the above photo)

And here I am having a wonderful stroll, third time around, in the Fiber Show.
Lambtown booth

There was a wonderful Sheep to Shawl going on that I wish I had pictures of. Looked like there were eight teams - that's the largest S2S I've ever seen. It was fun to look at all the wheels, drum carders and looms.

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