Friday, September 21, 2007

More Mitered Knitting

If you've been reading this blog for awhile you may remember last Spring I became enamored with mitered squares and started Mitered Thing. Here's a current picture - see it has grown some.
Mitered Thing Update

These are two inch squares made from mostly donated fingering weight sock yarn. I still enjoy picking it up and adding a square or two; still haven't decided what it will be when it grows up.

Between EZ's Totem Sweater (temporarily set aside) and my facination with all things mitered, I was destined to maked the cover sweater of Top Down Sweaters
Mitered Sweater
(Do those sleeves look huge to anyone else?)
I bought the book a year ago with the intention of making the cover sweater someday but forgot about it until a week ago when Tina came into the shop with the book. As luck would have it that same day we unpacked a huge order of Cascade 220. The yarn called for in the book is Noro Silk Garden but with the shop having such a large selection of Cascade 220, Tina, Jane and I plus several customers in the shop selected colors for this sweater.

I cast on that evening (after nearly any hour of winding all the skeins into balls!) and can hardly wait to get back to it when ever I have to put it down.
Mitered Sweater Yoke

The needles are in the back section which has a double miter. Here's a close up of the raglan miter (goes from the neck to the underarm) I'm really enjoying knitting this project.
Mitered Raglan Seam

Up until I started this new Mitered Top-Down Sweater I had been working on my Myster Stole 3 project - I'm up to row 286 on the first half.
Myster Stole 3 Update

It's really curling on the edges so you can't see all the beads there. I'm using a size 4 needle that I originally got gauge with but it's looking so dense that I'm thinking I should have gone up a needle size. I wonder it it will block lace-ier looking. (How do you spell lacier, lacyer?? They all look funny to me and my spell checker doesn't like any of them.)

Yesterday I took a day off and went with my older daughter on a tour of the Ker Indian Wholesale Market. The tour was through Great News Cooking School; it was conducted by their Indian Cooking Class teacher. Very interesting but I should have worn more comfortable shoes; we stood around listening to her explain what everything was for 2.5 hrs.
Ker Tour 1

The store itself is huge
toward the front of the store
Ker Market Front
and toward the back of the store
Ker Market Back

Afterwards we walked over to Ashoka the Great for a fabulous Indian Buffet Lunch. I'd been to this restaurant before but it was different after having learned about the ingredients in many of the dishes.

September 24th is my one year Blogiversary. Be sure and check back as there will be a drawing for sock yarn announcement.

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LaurieM said...

I love that you picked your own colors of cascade instead of going with the Noro! It looks great!