Friday, September 28, 2007

The Yarn goes to...

Thanks for all the Good Wishes, both private and public. No more gushy stuff now, you want to know who gets the yarn. Random Number generator gave out #4 and #2, in that order. So, the Socks that Rock goes to Shanidy and the Yarn Pirate goes to Laurie M. (Shanidy, sorry, you'll have to contact me as I have no email address to reach you. tcty123 AT yahoo DAT com When will they fix Blogger's comments??)

I finished for the second time the Fiery Bolero from(Interweave Knits, Summer 2005.)
Bolero front
Bolero back

I knit it and finished the first time Fall of 2005 but it was too small. I ripped it out and knit it again over the next two years; now it's too big. Neither the yarn nor I are up to a third try. I used Debbie Bliss Cathay color 12004. This yarn feels wonderful and I love the sheen that 15% silk gives it. Unfortunately it has a tendency to split as it has very little twist. I used metal needles as even the best bamboo snagged on the yarn.

I forgot to take a finished picture of my little baby sweater. (F. Pea wrote me on Ravelry and reminded me.)
Dutch Baby Sweater
This is my adaption of a Free Pattern Friday baby sweater pattern on F. Pea's Blog (You should check out her other patterns they're really well written and so cute.)

My Mitered Sweater is still giving me lots of enjoyment. I finished the back and the left front.
Mitered Sweater back
The last section on this is knit together with the three-needle bind-off. It's rather lumpy hope it blocks out flat.

Yoke and Back with double miter
Mitered Sweater back and yoke

and left front with single miter
Mitered Sweater left front

I laid this sweater out to photograph and it wasn't more than two minutes before I had helper Sam up in the middle of it all.
Sam in the way

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