Monday, October 22, 2007

San Diego on FIRE

The Photographer, the Dog and I spent the last five days in Flagstaff Arizona. Sunday evening we received a call that San Diego was once again in the middle of a Santa Ana induced Firestorm. After watching the news reports Monday morning we packed up everything and headed home. It wasn't easy figuring out how to get back with all the Freeway closings. We came home across Hwy 8 with no problems; made fabulous time as all the trucks and RVs had been ordered off the roads due to the high winds. Climbing out of the desert this was the view looking east as we crested the Laguna Mountains
this is the fire in eastern Chula Vista. We were 30-40 miles away. (No more photos as it was too smoky to see very far once we decended the other side of the mountains.)

We arrived home to find the area we live in was still safe even if it was terribly smoky. The Photographer isn't sure about where he works; it's right in the middle of the big evacuation area North of Hwy 56 and he can't reach anyone by phone.

This fire is said to be much bigger than our previous biggest fire back in 2003. That fire came within a mile of our house. What can I say - scary times deja vu!

Say a pray for us here in the Southwest corner of the US, please. And a donation to the Red Cross would sure help.

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