Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yarn and Other Knitting

My cousin is knitting booties for friends that are to be first time Grandparents; I've been helping her find patterns through Ravelry. (Finally convinced - an it took a lot of convincing - her she had to join; she's on the waiting list now.) Anyway while looking at all the baby stuff I found EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket stuck in my brain. I've no baby to knit for but while re-organizing my stash I found the perfect fingering weight yarn for a BSJ.
BSJ yarn
What can I say - I've succumbed. I don't mind endless garter stitch.

Mystic Light Shawl Knit-a-long uses fingering weight yarn; 600 yds of something that looks like sky. Others are into the red sky/sunset look but that's not something I'd probably use so when I found this yarn
colors for Mystic Light Shawl
and it looked like sky to me, I knew this was right for the project. It's Pagewood Farm's Hand Dyed Sock Yarn in Forest Camo.
MysticlightKal yarn
A Christmas gift certificate caused me to travel outside my usual yarn haunts last Friday. Thanks Jessie; love the yarn and I had a great time visiting The Grove in San Diego!

Socks That Rock's, Sheep 2 Shoe Roving is finished. Sorry I seem to have misplaced the color name and it's not on the bag.
Sheep 2 Shoe Yarn

S2S 2 ply closeup

This is half of the 8.5 ounces, 2 ply, 182 yds. Much too thick for fingering weight. I really spun thin singles with lots of twist but it sure puffed up when I plyed it. I've never had a fiber do this to me before; don't misunderstand I loved this merino, it was a joy to spin. I'm wondering if the longer than usual fiber length made it just appeared to be spun more tightly than it actually was. Obviously, I miscalculated somewhere somehow.

I'm going to have to get off Sundara's Updates list! Yeah, did it again, I bought more of her yarn. I have more sock yarn than I can ever knit but her colors are so deep and luscious that I keep needing to buy new colors. I'm so weak!
Sundara charcoal over cherry
Charcoal over Cherry
Sundara evergreen over umber
Evergreen over Umber

time to get back to the BSJ...


Maia said...

BSJ is such a fun knit! I love those colors. Lemon yellow is so sweet.

Love your handspun! Maybe it would still work for house socks?

LaurieM said...

Sundara is an artist and you are an art collector with fine taste. ;-)

I've also signed up for the Mystic Light KAL. I've never done one before but it sounds like fun. I'm going the red route, but you're Forest Camo is gorgeous.

Sheena said...

I have signed up for the KAL too. I'm counting on help if I get stuck. This is my first time to knit a lace shawl. You are so bad, but you certainly have great taste. I need to search for yarn for this too. How much?