Friday, February 29, 2008

I-Cord or not??

The shop where I work received a large order of cotton dishcloth yarn and I realized I'm so over wool (a knitter's form of Spring Fever?) and loving the feel of working with cotton. I knew I'd find inspiration from Mason Dixon Knitting and the book didn't fail me; I cast-on the Baby Kimono a week ago and finished the knitting yesterday but...

there's always a but isn't there!
MD Cotton Baby Kimono
see how the back of the neck and the bottoms roll? I blocked it and they still roll - what to do.

Here's what the diagonal front edge looks like - just OK not wonderful.
Kimono edging

Having recently read Kay's I-cord Tutorial (Feb 12, 2008) for making square corners I tried an I-cord edging.
Kimono with Icord edging
and a close-up. What I wonder is does this edging treament over power the whole sweater? This is a worsted weight cotton and it makes a thick I-cord.
I cord edging closeup
what do you think? I-cord or not?

The Soft Cabled Scarf is done.
Soft Cabled Scarf
I love this scarf; it's so soft and drapey. The yarn is Austermann Bamboo Soft (65% Merino 35% Bamboo) color 002 a deep rich black. (Photo is not representative of true color; altered to show details) It's Karabella Pattern #KK239, cashmere Hat and Scarf. The seed stitch borders give body to this soft yarn while the wide cable undulates up the center - I'll be making this scarf again.

I love to see glimses of other Blogger's private lives so here's the Photography Studio (Feb 28, 2008) where I work part-time; one of the owner's put pictures up on his blog. You'll usually find me in the Production Area.



Wendy said...

I'd stick with the icord. The rolling would probably bug me more than the initial perception that the icord overwhelmed the sweater. Maybe you could do an icord with fewer stitches in the "row" to make a tighter smaller one?

Sheena said...

I love your knitting. I am still working on spinning yarn for a sweater. I hope to get it done by the time the fair starts so I can knit on it in my "spare" time.
I like the i cord edge.

Sheena said...

I came back to look at something else, and saw the studio stuff. Wow, that looks fun and exciting. No wonder all your pictures are so great. I'm still learning and practising.