Friday, May 23, 2008

Hat and Mitts

Last year I made a pair of Maine Morning Mitts for Jessie out of Apricot Malabrigo Merino Worsted as a Hanukkah/Christmas present. I didn't get them to her until the middle of January by which time I made Anne Hanson's Hot Waffle's Hat from the left over yarn. I figured since I was so late getting this present to her, Jessie should get the matching hat too.

You've heard the saying about the cobbler's children going barefoot; well try and get photos of something when you work with Photographers. I never took pictures of the Hat and Mitts before I wrapped them and gave them to Jessie; she reads this Blog and I wanted to keep the present secret. Since she works at a Photo Studio Jessie said she'd get someone to take a picture - I finally can post pics of Jessie wearing her presents. Thanks to Ashley for taking the pictures.

Jessie Hat

Jessie Hat Gloves

Jessie 2

The yarn was a dream to work with. And I highly recommend both patterns.


Wendy said...

Awesome pictures! The mitts and hat look great too! ;)

Sheena said...

Ashley is beautiful and so is the hat and mitts. I love that yarn too.

LaurieM said...

She's cute as a button and the hat and mitts suit her wonderfully.

anne said...

SO cute!

Jessie said...

Cathy - It was a fantastic present! I can't THANK YOU enough! The gloves are the perfect thing for anyone who works in computers! I no longer have to worry about puffy glove fingers for typing! ;)

Eye4Beauty said...

Hi Cathy, Great Blog! You officially have a new "blog stalker."