Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Knitting Content

I have been knitting so here's a catch-up post.

The ZigBagZ bag portion is finished
ZBagZ knit bag

Originally I bought enough of the pink yarn to make the handle but once I saw the bag I knew the handles needed to be the blueberry color. Except I didn't have enough and except the Shop didn't have anymore in this color. This blueberry must be an old color because I had trouble finding it but I did snag 2 skeins on ebay and am waiting for delivery to finish. Next is felting - have to admit I'm worried about the felting process; I only have a 50% success rate with felting - lots of reasons but still I'll really be unhappy if this project doesn't turn out.

This was my second attempt at stranded knitting and I'm in love. I've already started another stranded project - more of that in another post.

This Lang Jawoll yarn has been in my stash for many years. Approximately 2002 I knit most of the first sock but ran out of yarn at the toe. My then very small sock yarn stash yielded nothing that would work with this yarn the whole thing went into my UFO cabinet. Last month I was searching through the cupboard for a certain needle size (you know how that goes!) and came across this project again; now I have a large basket of sock yarn scraps and knew immediately what scraps would work. Opal yarn had a Rainforest group with a yarn called Chameleon - matched wonderfully.
Lang Jawoll Socks

Finished the first sock, knit the second sock but this skein had more than enough yarn to finish the whole sock and enough extra that I could have gone back and finished the first toe too. I liked the green toe

Lang Jawoll Sock Toe

so both sock have green toes now. So let see, this pair of socks only took me six years to knit. In the time between the first and second sock my tension has tightened considerably - first sock was knit on size 0, I had to go up to a size 2 to match the gauge. Interesting what three or four dozen pairs of socks will do to your knitting technique.

Also finished a pair of my vanilla pattern socks out of Cherry Tree Hills Supersock Merino in Spring Frost.

Cherry Tree Hill Socks

This is the yarn that I knit my one Monkey Sock out of only to find the sock was way to skinny to get anyone's foot into - dove into the Frog Pond.

My current sock is Primavera in Trekking (XXL) in color 108
Primavera Socks
Primavera closeup

and yes, I seem to only get the full scallop on one side. I must be doing one M1 wrong. Not sure if I want to fix it now and change mid sock, rip back and start over (this is my least favorite choice) or continue and just learn that I need to work on my M1L and M1R in the future. Probably the last option.

So that's what I've been knitting the last couple of weeks. There has been some spinning but I'll save that for another day.

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Wendy said...

Dang, you are a sock-knitting fiend!
The bag looks great, I'll cross my fingers and light a candle for the felting. ;)