Monday, June 09, 2008

Dog, hat, train Trifecta

Where did the last two weeks go? I feel like I'm coming out of hibernating in a cave. We had a very sick dog around here.

She has recurring colitis, the Vet has given us medication to start immediate treatment has soon as we hear her tummy start to gurgle. We usually can quiet it down pretty quickly; except this time I believe the medication made her so nauseous that she just shut down - no eating, no drinking and no moving. And it was Memorial Day Weekend, OF COURSE!

She ended up at the Emergency Vet Sunday, where they kept her overnight, then we had to take her to our regular Vet. That's where we got the picture of her with the IV in her leg.

She's been home for a week and except for her "poodle foot"
poodle foot

you'd never know anything had happened.

They took complete x-rays of her looking for foreign objects; which incidentally found her spine and joints show no sign of any arthritis - pretty good for a nine year old dog! Annie's a rescue so we have no idea what her life expectancy might be. I'm so grateful that she's OK now!

I spent my time in the Vet waiting room knitting the Fake Isle Hat.
Fake Isle Hat

If I hadn't had my knitting with me I would have gone crazy with the waiting and worry!
I used one skein Noro Kureyon Color 170 and one skein Peruvian Highland Wool Worsted in Black.

The only fun thing that went on over Memorial Day Weekend was a Steam Train came through town!
Steam Engine

Steam Engine Santa Fe 3751 came to San Diego; hadn't been here since 1953. We realized that the trains are very close to us with a bridge overhead which would give us a great view. We drove over to University City High School to park and walked a short distance to the bridge on Genesee. The train was nearly three hours late - we heard it was because they kept having to stop to take on water. While we were waiting the regular Amtrak train came through. Giving The Photographer some test shots.
Diesel Engine

The police drove by and told us the train would be late so we came home to check on Annie and have lunch. I stayed home with her but The Photographer went back and waited and waited and waited but he came home with the pictures. For Him, it ALL about the picture!

Of course he had to play around with it; it was an old train so he made it look like an old picture.
Sepia Steam Engine

For those of you that wonder why Southern California has so many fires - look at the brush in the background of the train pictures. Right now it's still green from the winter rains but consider we usually have no rain past May so it's really really dry come September and October - then one spark and poof it's a roaring fire traveling where ever the Santa Ana winds push it.


Wendy said...

Oh Annie, poor baby girl! (great news about the spine and joints though, wow!)

I hope that's the last of it for you guys for a long, long time.

Sheena said...

I love the train pictures. I also love the hat. I have that pattern, but have yet to try it. I am hard at work at the Fair, but am starting my sweater with "Freckles" I am doing Mr. Greenjeans from Knitty. This is a first for me so wish me good luck.
glad your dog is getting well.