Friday, March 13, 2009

I Won a Contest

How can it be two weeks since I last posted here? Where does the time go and why is it going so quickly?

Anyway, I won a guessing contest from Lisa on Knitnzu . She had ice slide off a multi-story building and land on her car. So she held a guess the estimate contest and I guessed closest. I won a $25 gift certificate from Spunky Eclectic; I ordered two custom dyed fibers and they finally arrived this Wednesday.

Spunky Eclectic fiber

The top is 4 ounces of Superwash Merino Tencel in the Rocky Mountain High colorway. The bottom is 4 ounces of Superwash BFL in the Going Places colorway. Seriously beautiful colors, you should see them in person. I've wanted to order from Amy for awhile and just never got around to it; there have been several people in my Spinning Classes that have subscribed to her Fiber of the Month Club and everything they've received has been enviable. Now I get to play with it - Thanks Lisa... and I hope your car is repaired back to it's original condition.

It's so nice to handle spinning fiber with color, I'm so tired of this white corriedale I'm still spinning. I spun some three Ply and knit it doubled for thick felt for another pair of insoles.
handspun felt

which felted down much smaller than commercial yarns. I barely had enough to squeeze out the insoles.
felted insoles

Still working on that Lace Ribbon Scarf; looks like I'm on the last quarter. I'm knitting slower on it as I'm bored with it. I hope to be done by the 19th as that's when Sock Madness 3 starts. Last year I made it to round two so this year I'm aiming to make it to round three. I'm not a speedy knitter. I could probably go faster if I wasn't doing two or three other things at the same time but that's just not me. (I can read while knitting, not so much purling.)

At Two Sisters we got in some fun sock yarn. It's called Zauberball
Zauberball Multi
Zauberball cranberry

I brought home these two balls. They're from Skacel 420m/100g of fingering weight single ply. Haven't decided if they're going to be socks or something else. I have quite a queue and list of favorites to choose from.

And I'll leave you with a few more Barn-Raising Blocks. I've used most of my sock-yarn leftovers so I'm really starting to be creative in color combining. Lots of yarn editing!
sock square purple
sock square

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Sheena said...

Love your new roving/top, whatever. I am truley a color girl and am tired of white too. I have to learn to dye what I want. In the mean time I am working on a sweater for machine knit class, and for the first time in a long time have no socks going. I will try to start some this weekend. All of your squares are yummy.