Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Fully Baked Weekend

Ok - let me just get this out - It was DAMN HOT this weekend!! And then Sunday was even HOTTER! Tying the all time record for the Month of April HOT! Where I was Sunday it got to 100 degrees F at 10:55 am and then stuck at that temperature the rest of the day. (I left at 4pm and it was still 100 degrees.)

This was the weekend we had Celia Quinn here to give her two-day Silk Workshop. Once again we were at Karalyn's home over looking Lake Murray.
Silk spinning and dyeing
Celia lives in Alaska and the heat was really getting to her. Saturday was very warm - put you to sleep after lunch warm but Sunday it was so hot it hurt, and we were in the shade.

We learned more about the history and biology of silk than I ever imagined. We dyed silk caps
Silk Caps drying
and silk hankies
dyeing silk hankies

We spun silk in more than a dozen forms while Celia explained all the ways to spin each type, what each is used for and where it came from.
Celia Quinn and drafting triangle demo

We played with cocoons and did reeled silk and make silk mawata or hankies from cocoons. Celia gave us so much information in a very fun but hectic weekend. Luckily with all that heat it was very dry so our hands weren't too sweaty to spin the silk. Sunday with trying to pay attention and ignore the heat I forgot to take any pictures but it looked at lot like Saturday's picture except with different and lighter clothes, oh yeah, we looked even hotter too.

These three days of heat have cooked all the Spring flowers but The Photographer has pictures to help remember them. My potted wisteria gave the best blooms so far. I severely wacked it back - the plant must have liked the pruning.
Wisteria 1wisteria 2wisteria 3

And just to prove how special my dog Annie is, here's a picture of her reading.
my dog can to read


Sheena said...

what fun! You got some really good pictures. I think your dog is the smartest I have ever seen. I am still recovering from all the overload information.

Kathleen said...

And I though my cat was smart to open cupboards!
The heat sounds amazing. A few days ago here in Nova Scotia, I could see my breath. Won't be looking for summer clothes for another couple of months... Cheers-I enjoy your blog,