Friday, May 01, 2009

Talk of Quilts, Babies and Flowers

Baby Coins Quilt

My niece is having a baby girl, and as I did for all my nieces and nephew when they were born, I made a quilt. This one is called Baby Coins, the pattern is here. This was a very quick project and best of all, it's made completely from stash. (Yes, I have to admit I have even more quilt fabric stashed than yarn.) I cut slices from fat quarters and used some 6" batik squares, most are just color but there's one little green frog that mostly survived the cutting.

quilt closeup

I got carried away with cutting the rectangles and I have enough to make another quilt; I'm seriously considering making a second on baby speculation. My daughters' friends are just starting to get married so you know there will always be new babies that need a gift.

The Barn-Raising blocks are finished. 36 needed but I'm working on number 40 right now.
Barn Raising Blocks

I'm making a few extra because I'm sure I have some rejects. See any possible rejects in this group? Some really stick out when laid out with the rest of the blocks.

Jamie and Linda, two customers from our shop have started collecting hats to send to our Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan; Hats from Home. I knit the hat pattern they suggested, it wouldn't even fit on my head. (everyone else gets a normal adult size hat but my gauge must have been off - way off.) So I ripped it out and I'm making a plain 2/2 ribbed hat.
Troop Hat

As you can see my camo isn't pooling it's spiraling. Thank goodness the idea is for warmth rather than style. (Since I always have trouble with sock yarn pooling and flashing I figured this yarn would do the same. Of course, yarn is contrary and this skein is doing the opposite of what I want! I shouldn't have been surprised.)

The cymbidiums are almost done blooming
Cymbidiums 2009

And the Epi's are just starting.

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Wendy said...

More babies is a safe bet. It seems like half my contacts have changed their avatars to sonogram pics; the internet has bloomed with ghostly fetal photos. I'm happy for them, but it's a wee bit creepy.