Monday, November 16, 2009

Little Entrelac Bag

When I looked through the new Interweave's Holiday Gifts magazine and saw Susan Lawrence's Little Entrelac Bags pattern I knew I was making it as soon as I got home.
little entrelac bag
It was a fun quick project with Noro Kureyon. The pattern called for a twisted cord, I made a square cord on a Lucet with several strands of thread and pearl cotton. The hardest part has been finding a button for the drawstring.

I have other finished objects but they all need a little something before I take pictures and blog about them.

Ysolda Teague has some great patterns and I'm drawn to her patterns on Ravelry. There's one through that always makes me smile and remember some mystery books I've read. Have you heard of the Aunt Dimity books by Nancy Atherton? The main character has a knit bunny from her childhood that was made for her by Aunt Dimity who lived in England. Well, Ysolda has a knit bunny pattern called Sophie that is exactly the bunny I envisioned while reading. It makes me smile every time I come across this pattern.
(This just proves that you can play "7 Degrees to Knitting" with anything.)

The sun is so low in the south now that it comes further into the house than any other time of the year. The cats are loving it! They follow the sun around the living room during the day. Bright sunlight, the best way to photograph our Sam.

Old man Ty really loves the heat.


SpiderZ said...

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LaurieM said...

I just finished my second Ysolda hat. Her designs are fashionable and wearable.

The bag is cute. Will it be a gift?

susan said...

Love your little bag.

Sheena said...

Love that little bag. I bought the book so I could make it. Haven't had time yet, so busy with family. Maybe when I get home. I am in South Carolina until Jan 5th. Then back to Alabama and fly home Jan 7th. See you soon.