Sunday, January 20, 2013



I felt I should drop in to report a few momentous events this past year.  The Photographer and I became first-time Grandparents this past November.  Not under the most ideal of circumstances...

Our youngest daughter and her husband's first baby was due February 12, 2013 but the little one decided she just had to come early - the middle of November.  Three months premature, it was very scary but Mother and Baby Girl came through just fine.  Baby weighed 2 lbs. 4oz at birth but is now up to 5lbs at two months old.  Doctors say she is perfectly healthy if small.  We are all so grateful considering what might have been. (I haven't been cleared to post photos of Baby Girl but you know we have lots and lots!)

And on a sad note we had to put our beautiful dog Annie down on November 19th.  She had cancer and at 13 she was just to old to put through chemo.  Even if she was old and deaf it was an incredibly hard decision.  I miss her constantly, so many little things during each day remind me she's not here anymore.

I'm still knitting; just terrible at taking the time to document finished items. I don't blog about them and I don't put them on Ravelry.  I keep trying but... I guess I'm lazy?  I did find an app for my iphone called Yarma that let me send photos directly to my Ravelry projects,  doesn't seem to be helping/forcing me to put up my knitting items.  Now if they'd write an app that took pictures for you.

BlackJack is the new black cat in the house.  (we just call him Jack) He was adopted from the Las Vegas Humane Society by his second owner.  When he couldn't keep him, we saw the posting on Craig's List right before Easter and went and fell in love with this tiny little black furball.  He now is grown and surprised us when his fur started to get longer and longer and he turned into a long haired cat.  (He has long-black hair over white skin - have you ever heard of that?) Jack keeps our older short-haired black cat, Sam, in shape.  The two of them are chasing each other all over the house.

Hopefully, it won't be another two years before I post.

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Sheena said...

So glad to visit your blog. I had the same problem, but I am trying to get back to it. I think facebook took over. My kids love seeing what we are doing. Take care, miss seeing you at spinning.