Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Everything Takes Two Trips

I bought a new camera today, a Canon A710 along with a SD card reader. (My old camera took a larger compact flash card) Of course, you can never do anything in one trip (as my friend Phyllis swears) and the card reader won't read the cards. The drive is there, just can't see the cards.

Found that Husband's printer will read the card so we sucked a few pictures out.

Fuchsia against Spanish Moss

Have you ever heard of a Perennial Sunflower? I hadn't until three years ago when I bought a single stem plant. They really multiplied. They are such an intense yellow that the light in my kitchen has changed from their reflection.

And to finish tonight here's my dog Annie. People always ask us, "What kind of a dog is that?" Have to say we have no idea. We got her from Border Collie Rescue but she didn't look like the other black and white puppies. She has the Northern Dog up curled tail; when she was a tiny puppy the Vet guesses she was part Malamute. But look at those eyes, is that Malamute or part Hound?

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