Monday, December 18, 2006

Frost Advisories in Paradise

Those new to San Diego say we never have any weather here; that it's always 72 degrees F and sunny. Here are pictures to prove them wrong - yeah I had to wait several years to photograph the evidence but whose counting.

We had a cold winter storm passing through here since Saturday; rain, wind frost advisories and actual snow in our inland mountains! This is a big deal in San Diego; it was the lead story on the local evening news tonight - I'm not kidding, lead story!

Headed home after work today the Eastern sky was something to see. The light was right out of a Plein Air painting; gorgeous warm pinks and soft oranges. I was sure it would be gone before I could make it home and into the house to grap my camera. Here are two of my shots taken at 4:30pm PT. I was so lucky it lasted until I could take these pictures

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The lower center of the clouds you can see it raining. Soon to move east and turn into snow in the Laguna Mountains.

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