Monday, December 04, 2006

Starting to Feel Like Christmas

That Christmas-y feeling got it's toes in the door last night.

We went to see Cygnet Theatre's Holiday Play, It's a Wonderful Life, A Radio Play. We are season subscribers and bought the extra tickets for their Christmas Play just because we support this Theatre to the best of our means. I didn't expect much from "a Radio Play" - what's that? A group of actors just reading a script?

Well, it was much, much more! They re-created the 1947 setting and atmosphere of a NYC radio studio; clothing, hats, nylons with seams, huge face-covering microphones and best of all a sound man with all his gadgets that was a delight to watch.

You know the Movie - you know the script of this play; only thing missing was Jimmy Stewart's stammer.

We thought the play started 15 minutes late but it wasn't until afterwards that I realized watching the actors on stage visiting and preparing as we entered the theatre and found our seats was part of the play. A few of the actors came down in character and visited with the audience. That was a little weird - what do you say to a make believe person?

I realized I really miss the old time singing commercials after hearing the three performed during the "Broadcast."

If you're in San Diego this month forget the movies and try and get tickets for this very nostalgic Christmas piece.

And here's a not to be missed synopsis of the story!

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