Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sock ID needed plus Spinning Update

Last week I was so frustrated with having to unknit two projects that I couldn't figure out what to knit next. The indecision spurred me go through my UFO cupboard. First bag I pulled out was this sock knit in Cascade Fixation but no pattern in the bag - Oh No! I thought it was a Jaywalker Sock but after reading through the online instruction I don't believe it is.

These socks were knit approx. Fall 2005 and I'm thinking it was an online free pattern. If these pictures give you any ideas what the pattern is please let me know.

Here's the zig-zag cuff which is a garter stitch with a K2tog at the points
Sock ID cuff

A shot of the leg
Sock ID

And a close up of the leg stitch pattern
Sock ID pattern

The heel is a regular heel flap and gusset. Looks like the heel is knit in a Slip1, K1 pattern.

Any help ID-ing this pattern will be greatly appreciated. You can leave a comment or write to me at: tcty123 AT yahoo DOT com

Now on to Spinning.
Remember the super bright roving, I dyed for Tour de Fleece, that a varmint (turned out to be a squirrel) stole and tore into the red section? Here's a picture to refresh your memory.
dyed roving

Hope that wasn't too bright, should have warned you.

Trying to tone down the brightness I tried predrafting it and holding it with some predrafted white super wash merino while I spun. Came out barber pole-y didn't it.
Color and White Single

Then the question of what to ply with this bobbin of still pretty bright singles. I remembered when I took a color class with Celia Quinn she said that you can always make a matching yarn by mixing all the colors together. So that's what I tried.
Carding Mix

I loaded the cards with two parts yellow, one part green, one part red with wisps of white on both sides of the fiber on the cards. Then I carded trying to keep the fiber aligned; I originally tried spinning a rollag and found it too rough a single that didn't go with the smooth worsted spun first bobbin. Carefully lifting the fiber off the teeth kept it in a combed alignment. I usually had to reload the cards with this fiber to give it a second mix in order to get a semi-even distribution of color.

This is what I'm ending up with
Color Mix Single
really gold. I'm hoping these two bobbins will look good together.

We've had a dove nesting in a pot hanging in the Magnolia Tree. She's a really good Mama Bird as she sits on that next no matter how close we get. By accident she's been watered and knocked by the rack as we cleaned up the leaves and never left the nest. Baby Bird is looking like she'll fly away any day now.
Dove Nest


Nancy said...

I think they look like Broadripples

KnitterCNY Blog said...

I agree that they are broadripples.

Sarah said...

I's too much of a chevron and not enough of a ripple. I'm pretty sure I just saw someone knitting this at the LYS - it's a chevron pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. Someone suggested it as an alternative to Jaywalkers.

Bon said...

It is the Broadripple pattern in Fixation from I have made the exact same pair out of the exact same yarn. Frankly, I like that pattern SO much better than Jaywalkers.

Wendy said...

I love that little head & beady eye peeking out next to Big Mama. That sock looks a bit like the Cedar Creek Socks, but the yarn over says no...and I think you'd recognise it. ;)

Maureen said...

I too would say they were broadripples! It is a great pattern! I have made more than one pair!

roxy =^o^= said...

Nesting doves are good luck :)


I love the barber-pole handspun LOL