Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stuck in Squares-ville

Not until I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures of my current knitting projects did I realize that everything I'm working on is square.

First, I pulled out Mitered Thing after Laurie sent me more sock yarn leftovers. Thanks again, Laurie, I always appreciate the kindness of knitting friends.
Mitered Thing take two

Since the time I first blogged about my "affair with mitered squares" I've received many questions about my method. I'll briefly describe how I make my garter stitch mitered squares. Hope it doesn't confuse more than it explains.

Cast-on an uneven number of stitches.
Do not slip first stitch on a row.
Knit half the number of stitches minus 3 (example: cast on 13 stitches, half minus 3 would be 5)
Here's the decrease you work on the right side only. Slip 1, K2tog, pull slipped stitch over K2tog
Knit wrong side row with no decrease.
Repeat these two rows until you have one stitch left.
Now pick up half the number of your cast on stitches down the side of the square and either cast on the other half plus one of the stitches or pick up along the edge of the square that is one down and over from the last completed square. Picking up one stitch for each garter ridge and one in the very center usually gives me the right count. (hope you understand that picking-up stitches part - I'm sure there's a better way to word it.)

Second, the Shop received a shipment of Trendsetter Yarns Tonalita, a long color change yarn that is great for Entrelac. I'm knitting a sample for an Entrelac class I'll be teaching.
Entrelac Store Sample

This is color 2345; blues, purple, pink, turquoise, teal and jade.
entrelac closeup
(photo is true to color on my monitor.)

Third: I was exploring on Ravelry and was searching everything made with Noro yarn when I found Quant on Knitty, an entrelac headband.
Quant Headband

Quant Tie and SetUp Row

By chance, I had a single skein of Silk Garden, sorry I can't find the ballband to tell you the color.
I'm going to have to hunt further because I really do like these rosy colors.
Noro Silk Garden Entrelac Closeup

Any other square projects I missed? Can you tell I have a strong quilting background to be so enamored of everything square?

Taking pictures isn't as easy around here as you might think. My helper Sam one second after I took the first picture of Mitered Thing.
one second later

He's cute but a little too curious!
Sams eyes 1

Not Cecile Brunner Rose


LaurieM said...

You're welcome CC! You're mighty mitered thing is getting big...

maseume said...

though I'm a know nothing about knitting person I must say the mitered squares thing is amazing!

Sheena said...

I love doing mitered squares, I have so much left over sock yarn I can't believe I didn't think of doing that. Hope you don't mind if I copy. I want to take that class, so let me know when. I missed it last time you guys did the entralac scarf and really, really want to do it. Missed you at Lorraines. We had fun, and dyed in a black trash bag. (dyed wool in a black trash bag)