Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Zombie Socks - Round 1 of Sock Madness 2

The Zombie Socks are done!

Zombie Socks Sock Madness 2

Sock Madness 2 sent out it's first pattern last Thursday. Yes, I signed up to participate in this years speed sock knitting contest - me, one of the original turtle brigade. Last year I was eliminated in Round 1; this year, with divisions rather than open eliminations I qualified to go on to Round 2. (my standing? 23rd out of 40 in the Baylor Ball Band Division)

I'm not sure who made the pattern (one place says "Emm l e" and another says "Sheryl Ball") but either way this is a good pattern.

Stitch Close-up

It's a ribbed fabric with undulating dropped stitches which give you a very stretchy sock. I wish I had chosen a different yarn; I used Jitterbug by Colinette, color Toscano 55, a wonderful yarn even with the stingy yardage. The pattern called for 8 SPI; I got 7.5 SPI with size one needles. Normally I'd drop down to a size 0 needle but the yarn, being closer to a DK weight, just didn't like being knit on such a small needle - so I have a loose sock. I plan to knit this pattern again with a fingering weight sock possibly with fewer stitches.

Zombie Toe

Those yellow toes?? Just ran out of yarn and searching my stash came up with this yarn that I dyed myself. It's a very golden yellow with touches of green - I have no idea what I was thinking when I dyed it but it matched the yellow in the Jitterbug perfectly.

colors Jitterbug with hand-dyed

This pattern had garter stitch edges on the heel flap - a first for me which I know I'll be adding to future socks.

Zombie Socks - heel with garter edge

Making it to Round 2 was my goal, so I'm happy. I know I'm no speed knitter but I like the challenge and there's the reward of receiving the patterns for all the Rounds no matter when you're eliminated.


Wendy said...

Way to go! That sock pattern looks very cool.

Yay yellow toes! :)

Arachnera said...

Congrats! I'm cheering you on!

Maia said...

Congratulations! I love the yellow toes,

Sheena said...

Wow, I am impressed. I love knitting socks and am almost finished with the pair I started last week. I would love to try a sock kal, but maybe after the shawl thing. I love the yellow toes too!