Friday, November 03, 2006

Proof that I have been knitting and quilting

Technical difficulties have been straightened out; not sure if it was me, Blogger or Photobucket but it seems to be working now. Here's a test post.

These are photos of my recently completed projects. First is the hat and scarf I made for Flagstaff. I decided the Monday before we left that we would need hats for the cold weather so I started this


and the close-up. When I finished the hat I found I had enough yarn to make a scarf; I just copied the brim pattern of K2, P2 with a slipped stitch at either side.

I am pleased at how my handspun looks knit up.
I also knit The Photographer a hat out of Encore; finished it as we drove through Phoenix on our way home. Luckily, the weather for our week in Flagstaff was warmer than we expected; his ears didn't freeze while he waited for me to knit his hat.

Next is the Lace Blanket I made for my soon-to-be new nephew Joey.

It looks more like a washcloth in this picture but the floor reflection and the yellow yarn being so shiny keeps shutting off the flash. The blanket measures 36" X 44"

And finally there's the Pirate Quilt I made for my niece's Baby Shower this weekend.

And a close-up of one of the blocks. (I don't know why this picture looks so strange. If you click on it to see it enlarged, the weird dots go away. Really I didn't quilt it that densly!) This was a quick quilt to make; four days start to finish.

Funny thing happened in the middle of making this quilt. Had the first few strips sewn when I discovered my iron had died. Had to go buy a new iron. (Did you ever hear of an iron just dieing in the middle of using it?)
It wasn't gunked up, wasn't the steamed stopped working; there just was no "on", no heat, nada! I've never lost an iron like that, usually one of the cats jumps up and the iron falls off the ironing board but that wasn't the case this time.

Speaking of cats...
My cats LOVE my robe; here's a picture two minutes after I laid my robe on the bed while getting dressed Wednesday morning. They don't usually tolerate being this close together but no one was going to give up one inch of their robe real estate! Left to right; Willy 16 years old, Sam, four years old and Ty, 9 years old.

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