Friday, November 24, 2006

Three Dishcloths - Finished

It feels so good to finally be finishing things. I seem to always have lots of projects going at once; lots of starts very few endings. Then all of a sudden I find I'm finishing lots of projects at once. As of this evening I finished three dishcloths and a scarf that needs to be blocked before I decide if I like it. (Do I win the prize for using the word finish the most times in one paragraph?)

Here's the Darrell Waltrip Cloth that I did in Peaches and Creme followed by a close up so you can see the slipped stitches. I really like how the variegated yarn worked in this pattern.

Next is Victoria a Danielle Cote pattern (Note: this is an extremely difficult site to access. She has very small bandwidth; don't be discouraged, keep trying at different times.)

This is such a lovely and easy lace pattern.

Last is my Mid-Nov KAL on Monthly Dishcloths' Yahoo Group. I hope you can see the textural poinsettia pattern. The group had quite a time with bobbles but as you can see they came out rather well.


Carol said...

Nice cloths! It's funny, but I think I like the DW one best!

hakucho said...

All of your cloths are beautiful. My favorite is the Darrell Waltrip. I love the way the yarn pool into such a nice pattern. Varigated yarn is so much fun!
Happy knitting :)