Sunday, July 08, 2007

Oregon - The Photos

The Photographer and I flew into Portland on a Wednesday afternoon. Thursday morning we started driving south to Eugene for Black Sheep Gathering.

First stop was Salem where we had quite a time finding the Visitor's Center because half their directional signs had no "this way" arrows. Thought we found it once but it turned out to be the Housing Authority. When we walked in to ask directions they ask us why everyone comes in to their building thinking it's the Visitor's Center. We suggested it was because out on the main street, right in front of their corner building, there is a sign that says, "Visitor's Center." (The first we realized all signs didn't have arrows.) The people in there had to call the Center to find out where it was; they live there and didn't know!

Turns out that it's in the Old Woolen Mill that's now a museum to the area's historical wool industry.
Old Mill Salem OR

The wool scrubber train
Old Mill Scouring Train

This Mill was water powered; water was diverted from the main river by a flume.
Old Mill Flume

The gates that controlled the amount/speed of the water that powered the machinery
Flume Gates

Driving up to our hotel in Eugene we found this right on the street

Yes, most of you will say it's just a fireworks tent. Remember, I've always lived in Southern California where it's always fire season; fireworks haven't been legally for sale where I've lived since I was preschool age. (Our four seasons are: earthquake, flood, mudslide and fire) Back to the fireworks, I was surprised at the smell. It was pretty strong especially in the mornings.

Friday afternoon after we made our first pass through BSG I drove The Photographer with the bad back around to see the covered bridges of Cottage Grove.
This bridge was still in use. One lane with no particular right of way that we could determine. We found several other covered bridges, not in use, in various stages of decay.

While driving through the town of Cottage Grove we passed this store. Had to make a loop around the block to get this picture.
Machine Gun
I realize hunting is big up there but what are they using Machine Guns for? Or am I mistaken and this means they machine guns?

Saturday was spent at BSG and a drive up the McKenzie River Valley.
McKenzie River Valley
How's that for green?

field in Portland

Dinner that night we couldn't have picked a harder restaurant to find. I think we drove across this bridge six times before we finally found the place
Land of Bridges

Here's a picture of McMenamins Pub - North Bank
Mc Menamins Pub
such a beautiful place! And the food was worth the frustration trying to find it. The Photographer mentioned to our waitress how much trouble we had finding their establishment. She laughed and agreed and said she can't ever give directions to the place, she always hands the phone to someone else! She works there and can't tell someone how to get there - I'm surprised we're not still driving back and forth over that bridge!

Sunday morning we left Eugene earlier than planned due to the back problem. While driving to our hotel we took a wrong turn off the freeway and came upon 23rd Street in downtown Portland. Talk about revitalized downtown - this one street starting at the north end being very artsy and got more upscale the further south you drive until right before W. Burnside it's looking like Rodeo Drive. Wish we'd had more time to spend there.

The Photographer took this picture just because it was a beautifully designed condo building just off 23rd St.
23rd ST Portland

Monday morning I drove The Photographer around to all the waterfalls along the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge that you could easily walk to.

(Strangely he could walk uphill with no problem, downhill was just too painful even with me carrying his 40 POUND camera bag.)

Multinomah Falls

The sock at Horsetail Falls

We had a bit of a search looking for Vista House; we could see it from below long before we found the road signs for the turn off.

This building is all marble inside
Vista House inside

And this is the billion dollar view looking east

It was a fun trip which will keep us in wool and stories for quite awhile.

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