Saturday, July 28, 2007

Eight Days worth of Knitting

Where did the last eight days go! I've been knitting every chance I get which is never as much time as I'd like. Same song as everyone else.

Mystery Stole 3 is progressing
Mystery Shawl 3 Zephyr
Knitting this is enjoyable even if I'm only at the beginning of Chart 2 while everyone else is done with Chart 4. (Adding a bead is like a tiny bit of desert thrown into the rest of the knitting.) I can only work on this in daylight; most of my available knitting time is after 8 PM which equals way behind. I'll keep doing my couple rows a day - I'll get there.

My Smokin' Socks were nearly to the toe of the second sock until I discovered a pattern mistake clear up in the middle of the gusset so I had to rip out. (Ed. Note: This was a mistake in my knitting the pattern stitch not in the pattern instructions.) I'm back down at the toe decreases again. When I originally thought I was so close to finishing Startitis set in and I cast on another sock. Ashes by Monika Steinbauer in Mama Blue Knitting Goods' Semi-Solid Merino Spruce.
Faux Cable Socks
This is an easy Faux Cable pattern that knits up quickly.
Faux Cable Socks stitch closeup
The yarn is very nice to work with, no splitting, knots or uneven spots and I like the way the light and dark areas of the yarn blend together. (My pictures don't show the slight color variations but they are there.)

There have been so many great blog reports and Ravelry pictures on the EZ Modular Totem Sweater that I cast on for on in Berroco Love It. The way you size this pattern is with gauge but since I don't have a child in mind I'll just knit and enjoy the process - sort of fit the child to the sweater rather than the usual other way around. I'm almost up to the arm divide - where the fun begins.
EZ Totem Sweater

Reading back through older blog entries I can't find any mention of these socks
Feather and Fan Socks
They were finished right before the Summer of Socks so they don't count in the total socks knit during that Knit Along. This is Wendy Knits' Generic Toe-up Feather and Fan pattern. Sock One's toe must have been knit and ripped seven or eight times before I actually followed the instructions to knit through the back loop when I picked up the wraps. How did I missed that one little bit of the directions so many times!! I was really beating my head on the wall while I tried to figure out what I was doing wrong.

I weakened and bought two skeins of yarn:
first is Dream in Color's Smooshy Sock Yarn in Ruby River colorway
Dream in Color Smooshy

and the other skein is Fiesta Boomerang in Sandstone.
Fiesta Boomerang
Although it's 100% Merino it stretches like it had elastic - not as stretchy as Cascade Fixation but still stretchy; these socks should be interesting to see how they fit.

And the final picture courtesy of The Photographer is the first 2/3s of our new fence.
New Fence
We had to replace 75 feet of fencing along the side street (corner lot) that blew down last Winter during the big wind storm we had. The bouganvilla had grown into such a hedge that they were the only thing holding up the old fence.


anne said...

hi i saw that you found a pattern mistake in the smokin' socks and wondered if you could tell me what it is so i can post it!

CC said...

I made the mistake it wasn't in the pattern.

Wendy said...

Ha, I'm going to have to rip back to the heel flap on the sock I've been knitting...I kept thinking it was too baggy, too baggy...but...can't stop knitting...d'oh! If the gusset's too baggy on Nick, it won't work.

I love the shiny new fence, ours is being held up by the neighbor's vegetation. I can't wait until we're homeowners for that double-edged sword. (I'd really like a fence that isn't falling down, but I know the landlord won't spring for it, and I'm not going to buy new fencing on property I don't own, so we use pavers to block off the ones that have become little doggy doors. It looks terrible.)