Friday, July 13, 2007

Smokin' Socks

I finished the first sock of Knitspot's Smokin' Socks pattern. I LOVE Anne Hanson's patterns! This is two out of two patterns I've purchased from her that have been good patterns, fun and interesting to knit and the most well written pattern I've ever read.

I did fiddle with perfection and change from her short-row heel which isn't deep enough for me to a regular flap and gusset heel.
Smokin' Socks

This is knit in lightweight Socks That Rock seconds that I bought at Black Sheep Gathering last month. See how interesting the heel flap looks in this yarn. (Like to comment that the only thing I saw that might have made this yarn a second was one knot. And the color pattern wasn't interrupted or reversed as I've seen in other yarns that were sold as firsts. Hope the other five skeins are as near perfect as this one.)

Here's a close up of the pattern stitch
Smokin' Socks Stitch Pattern
It's a rib stitch worked over 72 stitches for a woman's size medium

This stitch made a fabulous ruffled edge
Smokin' Socks Cast-on Edge

I've already cast-on for the second sock; they are a joy to knit.

The yarn store where I work has started carrying a new yarn dyed by a customer. When I got to work on Wednesday there were very few skeins to choose from; I was told that the yarn was a big hit!
mama blue knitting goods featherweight
It's from mama blue knitting goods.
This is Merino Semi-Solid Sock Yarn, 4 ounces/435 yards. 100% Superwash Merino.
7-9 stitches/inch with US 0-2 needles. This is colorway Juniper.

I am still spinning in the Tour de Fleece
Tour de Fleece

No pictures as it's rather boring looking; a white alpaca/silk roving that I'm spinning at 37 wpi. Hoping I get enough yardage for a lace shawl.

Remember the roving I dyed that was vandalized by some varmit? Most of the dirt and VM washed out and it's very usable. Only problem is that it was suppose to make one think of the Rider's National Flags. I'm sorry but it looks more like a Jamaican Team Jersey.
Jamaican Team Jersey Colors

Even if the colors are beyond wild the fiber is very nice; I'm looking forward to spinning it. It's a Superwash Corriedale Roving that was given to me by Wendy of Lanas de Libelula. I had quite a time washing out all the dirt and VM from being opened and dragged through the dirt plus yellow dye which never would come clear, yet it didn't felt, pill or anything else from all the washing and rinsing. That's a great roving!

Last Saturday I turned this
into 12 pints of Apricot-Pineapple Jam; a family favorite.

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woof nanny said...

I made jam for Christmas gifts the year before last--I really had fun with it.

Thanks so much for reading my San Diego craft guide. I need to sit down and update soon, and I will definitely add the spinning info. Thanks so much for letting me know!