Thursday, March 15, 2007

Argosy, Sock close-up and hearts

I've been ask to show a close-up of my MadCow Sock to show how I managed to keep the pattern on the front while doing the short row heel.

I knit the four rows of variegated yarn then did the heel in the solid color and when finished continued on with the solid for the first row in the front. If you've done the sock you'll know what I mean. Hopefully!

Finally got my Argosy Scarf blocked. I'd finished it for the second time awhile ago but having to rip out 3/4ths of it and re-knit it just took the fun out of it. Took me several weeks to get enough interest up to get around to finishing.

I do like it now that's it's done; it'll be next Fall before it's cold enough to even think of wearing it. I'll be back to loving it by then.

It was made from two skeins of Silk Garden Lite #2014; bought from Little Knits


And look at these cute Heart Shaped Stitch Markers that I bought yesterday at Two Sisters and Ewe.

(Notice: I work at this shop. Just to let you know so someone doesn't think I'm being deceptive.)

Until next time...

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Jen said...

Beautiful socks and I LOVE the scarf. Those are great colors!
Now I've got "I Lost of Jeopardy" stuck in my head, too. Thanks. ;-)