Sunday, March 18, 2007

Photography Lessons

I come from a family of Professional Photographers so it's really sad that my pictures aren't better. I look at the yarn photography of Brooklyntweed and feel so inferior. The Photographer (the one I married) gave me some lessons on close-up macro photography with my camera. (Before you ask, I have a Canon Power Shot A710.)

Here are my better efforts:

Jitterbug Sock Yarn I bought from The Grove
Jitterbug sock Yarn

Jitterbug close-up
Jitterbug closeup

close enough that you can count the twist
Jitterbug twist

Some of my own Handyed, yarn bought from KnitPicks
My Handyed sock yarn

the close-up
Handyed closeup

and counting the twist close
handyed twist

Now if I can just remember all he taught me today.

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