Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sock on a Rock

Sunday we went for a drive in the back country of San Diego County. We drove through places I'd only heard of before; Campo, Barrett Junction, Dulzura and Otay Lakes. Not so much country out there as I thought. Lots of homes and traffic; I swear we saw more Border Patrol trucks than horses.

We continued on up through Cuyamaca where we stopped for The Photographer to take cloud pictures. While he was off taking pictures I sat on a split rail fence knitting and enjoying the beautiful day. Here's my current sock enjoying the outdoors too.

Sock on a Rock

We drove by this burnt out tree

Sculpture by Fire

doesn't it look more like a piece of sculpture designed by wildfire?

I'm not participating in Project Spectrum but if I were here would be my entry for yellow.

Spectrum Yellow

We found this bush on the Main Street in Julian, an old gold mining town in our local mountains. Julian is a destination town now: Apple Pie year round, blue grass music in the Summer, apples in the Fall, snow in Winter and just plain pretty in Springtime. (Drifts of daffodils everywhere.)

We gave Annie a bath Saturday morning so she had to stay indoor until she was dry. Here she is curled into her chair.
Annie and her chair
This is the only piece of furniture that she damaged as a puppy. (See the chewed arm under her head.) She jumps up on this chair to spy out the window to see if any foreign dogs dare walk by her house. As we live on a corner most of the dogs in the neighborhood do walk by her house. She's ever
vigilant and tells them to move along this house is taken - no other dogs allowed.


SheepsPyjamas said...

I love the colors in your in-progress... And yes, there's something quite artistic, attractive, alluring, almost, about the tree -- we did a trip across country last year and out of all the photos, my favorite ended up being a shack by the side of the road, all broken down, tilting over on its side -- with much the same feel as the tree remains. Nice shot!

fulviastudio.com said...

What a BEAUTIFUL photo of this great dog!