Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Hummer of Ball Winders

My Heavy Duty Ball Winder finally came from Nancy's Knit Knacks. First I had to wait several months for them to open up a waiting list. Another couple months waiting for my name to get to the top of the list. Then the surprise when they called (darn if they didn't reach my Husband) to inquire if I was still interested in purchasing the HDBW. Of course, I was still interested - it just kills me to cut my handspun when the little Royal Ballwinder is full. This Mega Winder will hold up to ONE POUND of yarn!!!

Here are the photos - you knew there'd be photos!

the giant yarn guide

mega yarn guide

the logo close-up

I've been winding yarn just for fun. Here's the side of a ball
Hercules ball
this is Fleece Artist's Merino in the Hercules colorway

And a picture of the top of the ball so you can see the cardboard core that you can slide your yarn ball onto. I also found that a lengthwise dented toilet paper tube will work just as well. That's the yarn label rolled inside the tube.
Hercules on core

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