Monday, March 12, 2007

I Lost on Jeopardy

Here it is the third day of Round One of Sock Madness competition knitting and I've already lost. (I keep hearing Weird Al's "I Lost on Jeopardy" playing over and over!)

As of 1PM PDT there were 11 in my Nancy Bush Division that have finished both socks. As I am only this far on the first sock,
Sock Madness Sock One
I haven't a chance of placing in the first 15 to finish.

Coach sent me in even though I was coming back after an arm injury. I really thought I was back in form and able to knit all weekend long; it was the size 1 needles that caused me to fall behind.

Ah, it was fun to try. Maybe they'll repeat the competition next year (fingers crossed!)

Well, Im givin up.
Don Pardo,
Just tell me now what I didnt win, yeah, yeah

I lost on jeopardy, baby (oooh)
I lost on jeopardy, baby (oooh)

Thats right, --you lost.
And let me tell you what you didnt win: a twenty column set of the Encyclopedia International, a case of Turtle Wax, and a years supply of Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco
treat. But that's not all; You also made yourself look like a JERK in front of millions of people. You brought shame and disgrace to your family name for generations to come. You dont get to come back tomorrow. You dont even get a lousy copy of our home game. You're a complete loser!

Don't know what I was thinkin of
I guess I just wasn't too bright
Well, I sure hope I do better
Next weekend on the Price is Right, -ight, -ight

I lost on jeopardy, baby (oooh)
I lost on jeopardy, baby (oooh)
I lost on jeopardy, baby


Katie said...

You're funny. And dorky. Hehe.

Wendy said...

Your sock is beautiful! I used similar colors,but yours is so vibrant! I fell behind too. I'm prepping for knee surgery, so that cut into knitting time (oh well), I'll be part of the cheering section! I'm in Nancy's group too.