Monday, January 29, 2007

Entrelac Scarf and a "what do I do now!" project.

Very slow knitting week as I had the "Stupid Cold." The Stupid part refers to my thinking capacity; this cold made me so dumb that I couldn't keep a knitting pattern straight that only required me to count to seven. Had to put that project aside until Friday when my IQ rose several dozen points.

I blocked the Entrelac Scarf made in Rowan Tapestry.

I used my Blocking Wires I received for Christmas; what a nice straight edge it made. Don't think I have enough pins to have made such a straight line without using these wires. They're a pain to thread through damp limp knitting but now that I see the finished project I'm a believer. (Why did that old Monkey's song just pop into my head?)

This scarf started out as the demonstration piece for the Entrelac Class I teach. The pattern's my own. It took four balls of Rowan Tapestry.

Here's a close up. Tapestry was a delight to work with; my first experience with Rowan Yarn. No splitting, NO KNOTS and no thick and thin spots. Rowan Yarn is expensive but if it's all this nice I would say it's well worth it's cost. Now if Rowan can produce such a consistent yarn why can't other companies? Does Rowan have a trade secret or something that other yarn companies don't?

Here's a picture of my current problem child.

It's not the camera angle the right glove is much smaller than the left. These fingerless mitts are the third pair I've made. The other two pairs matched; what happened to this last glove? I used the same needles and followed the same pattern but obviously something didn't work. The only mistake I can find is that I did skip (who knows how or why) two rounds between the top of the cuff and the beginning of the thumb gusset. That doesn't explain why the gloves are smaller around and over an inch shorter than the left mitten. I have enough yarn to make another mitten but I wish I know which size will come off the needles next!

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