Monday, April 02, 2007

Clean-up Spinning

I've finished some Hand-Spun, Hand-Dyed Yarn! Pictures you ask? Of course!

Here is a 3-ply Colonial Wool Top (7 oz., 295 yds) spun worsted
3 ply Colonial wool top

beautiful yarn, boring to spin; I'm not a fan of working with Top prepared fiber.

Hand dyed Jacob roving, 2-ply (3.5 oz, 196 yds) spun woolen
Hand dyed HS Jacob

This roving felted slightly during the dyeing process because I didn't watch the kettle close enough and it started a very gently boil for less than a minute. I've a new twist on an old saying, "When dyeing, an unwatch kettle WILL start to boil." Lesson learned!
Hand dyed HS Jacob 2

Last Semester my Spinning Class was challenged by our Teacher to make something with our HandSpun. I started a scarf but ran out of the colored yarn so this is what I made to finish the project. I'm also using a dark yarn I spun the first year I learned; it's so thick that I had to Navajo ply this to get it to match my earlier yarn. (Navajo plying still makes me feel like I wasn't born with enough hands!)
Hand dyed Navajo plyed
(Don't know why this photo is so dark it was taken under exactly the same conditions as all the others in today's post??)
Hand dyed Navajo Plyed 2

I started spinning this yarn so long ago I can't remember what fiber I used; it feels like merino. Twisted Sister's Sock Book instruction's was what I tried to follow. (7.7 oz, 653 yds) spun worsted with a bit of overtwist to both singles and 2-ply
yellow sock HS
(another dark shot)
Yellow Sock HS 2

And last is (3.7 oz) commercial Superwash Blue Faced Leicester yarn from Wool 2 Dye 4. I've been trying to work towards colorful Koigu-ish looking yarn. My Sock on a Rock in the previous post was part of this dye method trial and error.
Hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester

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