Sunday, April 29, 2007

Archaeological Find

Cleaning in my work room this weekend I uncovered a bit of my knitting history - My Very First Sock, cir: 2003!

Very First Sock

I had two knitters helping me with this; a Friend that lived in Washington State and a cousin who was in Colorado (who once had to email a friend in New York to answer my question) - remember now I live in Southern California. We all were connecting by email and digital photos. Using Edie Eckman's pattern I slowly test drove the process using size 8 needles and worsted weight acrylic. I can still remember my amazement of the fact that I had turned a heel for the first time and seeing the neat cup at the end of the heel flap.

You can see I had the traditional beginner's hole in the corner of the gusset
First Gusset

And my first attempt at the Kitchner Stitch needed lots more practice.

But it looked like a sock and fit; I was so proud of it!

Now four years later with dozens and dozens of socks behind me, I teach sock knitting in a local Yarn Shop. Maybe I should carrying MFS (my first sock) with my teaching kit?


Wendy said...

This post is why I love you.

Forever. And always.

Besos! ;P

Donni said...

Hey - I know a great link to show you how to graft the toe

see how you go.