Monday, April 09, 2007

Spinning at the Farm

My Spinning Class was invited to spend the day on a sheep ranch in Ramona, CA during the first week of Spring Break. It started out beautifully clear and warm.

We spun, we talked, we tried each other's wheels.
Spinning at Lorraines

We learned about skirting a fleece
Fleece 718 - skirting

We bought Columbian fleece with the most amazing crimp
Crimp 718
and staple length
Lock Length 718

We could visit the sheep that had just last weekend been sheared of our newly purchased fleece. How often can you do that!
Sheep 719

As the day progressed the clouds came in, then the wind started and finally on the way home there was drizzle on the windhshield. Our single day in the country felt like we had experienced several seasons.

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