Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mother's Day Present - a month early

The Photographer told me to go ahead and order the wheel I'd been saving for, he'd pay half the amount as my Mother's Day present. I was online ordering in minutes after his offer.

I ordered it from Pacific Wool and Fiber and in eleven days look what I found waiting on the front porch.
Sonata delivery
A Kromski Sonata a full size folding wheel with carrying case.
I easily put it together and only had to refer to the directions to put on the brakeband.

It spins so effortlessly. I can start the wheel moving in either direction with my feet everytime. (Half the time my Traveler gets locked into a position that I can't budge it with my feet and have to give the wheel a push to get it moving.) My plan is to spin singles on my Sonata and ply on the Traveler which will permanetly have the large mother-of-all and bobbin installed.

Have to thank Michelle here for letting me try out her wheel to confirm my choice. Five minutes spinning and I could tell this was the wheel I wanted

A head shot
Sonata Head
I'm spinning a Crosspatch Fibers batt.

The reason for getting the wheel now rather than waiting a month is so that by mid-June I'll be up to speed on this wheel. It's traveling with me to Oregon to the Black Sheep Gathering; I'm taking a class from Judith Mackenzie McCuin called "Three Wild Downs: Bison, Cashmere and Yak"

I've bought both cashmere and yak fibers but have been too chicken to try spinning them; maybe this class will give me courage to work with these $$$ fibers.

And my the first epi flower of the season
This flower is the size of a soft ball.

(Note: I haven't a clue why this post has so many changes in the fonts. Sorry)

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