Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mean while...

Thanks for all the Sympathy messages; it's good to knows others care about one old orange kitty. Sam and Ty, my other cats, seem to be rather clingy the last few day; guess they know Willy's gone and miss him too.

Mean while here are some of the things I finished in the last two weeks but didn't get photographed and noted here.

Round Two of Sockmadness was a pattern called Madtini
Madtini Socks
I used Lorna's Laces Shepard Sport in Watercolor (18).
Cuff close-up
Madtini cuff
and heel close-up; notice the accent stitch down the edge of the heel flap
Madtini heel

The challenge is down to the final four; see why I was eliminated in Round One, I've only just finished Round Two's socks. The final four will start Round Five April 28th. They really have had some challenging patterns.

When I was up in Ramona for the Spinning day on the Farm I bought half a Columbian Fleece named Patches. A gorgeous fleece with patches of every natural color I've seen in a Fleece. Here's a close up of the crimp.
Patches Fleece
This fleece was off a coated lamb and I have to mention how clean and easy to wash this is. The VM is at a minimum and there's very light lanolin/grease to wash out. Sooo much easier washing than a fleece off an adult. I've learned from this and I will never consider handwashing anything but a lamb or first shearing; everything else will be sent off to be professionally processed.

Speaking of professionally processed I received a huge box of fleece back from Morro Bay Fleece Works. I bought a Morrit Merino Fleece from Shari in Morro Bay that came from Nebo Rock Ranch. It's 5 pounds of the softest roving I've every handled.
Any suggestion on what to make or tips on spinning Merino? It's so soft I'm thinking something next to the skin.

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