Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Credit Card Application Revenge

Just a quick suggestion for all those Credit Card Application forms you receive in the mail. (with no exaggeration this household receives at least two a day) I was reading the blog Lickety Knit's June 10th entry. She has taken up mailing back the empty pre-paid return envelopes that are included in each mailing. It's not much but if even a small percentage of those envelopes are returned empty maybe the companies will get the message we're all pissed off at received all this potentially identity-theft-threatening junk mail, not to mention the waste of trees and other resources.

You have to open the blasted things before you shred them (because they have started including non-shreddable stuff in the envelopes!) just take a moment longer and pull out that pre-paid envelope, seal it, and mail it back to the company.


Dj said...

I know people who mix and match stuff and send it back in the envelopes. They'll send coupons they don't want to one company, etc. It's quite fun!

Anonymous said...

I put two in the mail today. What a great idea!!! Thanks!!!!