Sunday, June 24, 2007

Here I am with Technical Difficulties

Made it to Eugene for Blacksheep Gathering; wish I could show you pictures but neither The Photographer or I can figure out iView and how to resize and save photos to a file. Even the Flicker Uploader won't work because we can't figure out how to save a resized photo. (If someone can point us to an online iView directions lite site I'd really appreciate it! Jessie are you out there?)

Friday morning just as we were leaving the hotel The Photographer wrecked his back emptying water out of the cooler. He can walk, barely, but he looks like a little old man. Didn't stop him from taking pictues but it's painful watching him try to keep going. He spent lots of time in the sheep barn; he couldn't stop taking pictures of the sheep. This morning while I was taking my spinning class he was over there again. Talking to a sheep breeder about the intelligence of sheep, goats and lamas he was told: you have to add Dirt to the mix then it goes - sheep, dirt, lamas with goats as the smartest.

The weather was cool and overcast here, just the way we like it. Heard reports that last year it was 100 degrees F. during BSG.

Socks that Rock was at the Trade show selling seconds! I think I bought seven skeins and two patterns at their booth. Good thing I bought what I wanted on Friday because when I went by on Saturday all the lightweight seconds were gone.

Bought a half silver alpaca fleece from the Alpaca Show that was going on in the Fairgrounds at the same time as BSG. Then bought two more sheep fleece at the BSG Wool Sale. No one warned me that buying fleece at this sale one needs a group run like a military campaign. No Kidding! The group in front of me had six members each had a specific fleece target. Doors were opened, I was number 11 in line. I walked in fast but all the fleece I had selected during the preview were already taken by the group ahead of me. We all were looking for gray corriedale.

We're back in Beaverton/Portland now. Tomorrow, ship my wheel home and fleece to Moro Bay Fleece Works then a drive for photos of Multnomah Falls. Tuesday we fly home.

Promise lots of photos when we get home

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Cathy - Sorry I didn't read earlier!
This is a pretty good site:

Thanks for the giggles. Can't wait to see the pics!